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DPM 2016 – replica is inconsistent

If you are getting the “Replica is inconsistent” when backing up VMs on the host Level and have done everything that pops into mind to solve the issue (except for the one I’m going to tell you about now) then

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SCOM 2016 WebConsole pre-reqs

Installing the Web Console for SCOM 2016 requires a lot of features installed. Install it using PowerShell: Import-Module ServerManager Add-WindowsFeature Web-Server, Web-WebServer, Web-Common-Http, Web-Default-Doc, Web-Dir-Browsing, Web-Http-Errors, Web-Static-Content, Web-Health, Web-Http-Logging, Web-Log-Libraries, Web-Request-Monitor, Web-Performance, Web-Stat-Compression, Web-Security, Web-Filtering, Web-Windows-Auth, Web-App-Dev, Web-Net-Ext45, Web-Asp-Net45, Web-ISAPI-Ext,

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Adding elements to a list(pshell)

Adding elements to an array using += actually creates a new array with the elements from the original array and adds the new element to it. A better practice is to create a list instead: $outItems = New-Object System.Collections.Generic.List[System.Object] Adding

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