DPM 2016 – replica is inconsistent

If you are getting the “Replica is inconsistent” when backing up VMs on the host Level and have done everything that pops into mind to solve the issue (except for the one I’m going to tell you about now) then read on.

The trick is to first uncheck the Integration Service “Backup (Volume shadow copy)”

Run a backup / consistency check

And the recheck the backup service.

“The difference between backing up with this option on or off is that it controls whether the VSS signal is passed into the VM. When off, this means you’ll be getting a crash consistent backup rather than an application consistent VM backup. An application consistent backup is of course always better since applications and services received a signal to prepare their data structures for live backup. In crash consistent backups, the state is similar to a power off event.”

Kudos to Backupchain for the find!

Read the article here:





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